Swahili na Waswahili

Swahili na Waswahili
Swahili na Waswahili na Mswahili Rachel Siwa...Pamoja Daima!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Jikoni Leo;Tupike Pamoja-Recipe of Chicken Wings with Homemade Barbecue sauce - Mapishi ya (In Sw...!!!!!!

This is a video showing how to cook Chicken wings with Homemade Barbecue sauce, for East-African users and all the swahili speakers all around the world. It's also subtituled in English. Please, subscribe to our channel if you like it. We are working to offer you more video-recipes in swahili, in our Youtube channel and in our web-site www.tupikepamoja.com

Mmmmhhhhh Tamu Saaaana.

                "Swahili NA Waswahili" Pamoja Saaaana