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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ngoma Africa Band to perform at International African Festival,Tubingen,Germany!!!!!!!!

Ngoma Africa Band to perform at International African Festival,Tubingen
Ngoma Africa Band, a German based Tanzanian band will headline the International African Festival Tubingen 2012, Germany, on 12th August 2012.

The band leader, Ebrahim  Makunja aka Ras Makunja will receive the International Diaspora Award (IDA) on behalf of the band for their commitment to promote East African music throughout Europe.

Ebrahim Makunja aka Ras Makunja, leader of Ngoma Africa Band
Ms. Susan Muyang Tatah, CEO of the International African Festival Tubingen 2012 said Ngoma Africa Band was chosen for the award because of their creative performance on stage. It's difficult to resist dancing at their concerts, she said.

Ngoma Africa Band will also perform on 26th August 2012 at the Alafia Festival Hamburg; on 12th September 2012 at Bremahaven City; and on 15th September 2012 at Africa Trade Fair Expo (Afrika-Messe), Bremen City.

The band has just released a new CD titled "Bongo Tambarare" featuring hits including "Supu ya Mawe" and "Uhuru wa Habari". The new release is already dominating air waves in Tanzania.

For further information about Ngoma Africa Band and to listen to their music, please visitwww.ngoma-africa.com.

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