Swahili na Waswahili

Swahili na Waswahili
Swahili na Waswahili,Pamoja Daima!![Tuache kuua Ndugu zetu kwa Imani mbaya;Hawa ni Wapendwa Wetu/Ndudu Zetu,Kuwalinda na Kuwatunza ni Jukumu Letu..!]#Tuache Kuua#Walemavu wa Ngozi#Tanzania.!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Biggest International African Festival Tubingen 2012!!!!

 Africactiv Festival Tübingen <info@afrikafestival-tuebingen.de>


3. International African Festival Tubingen 2012


Dear Africans, Visitors and Friends of Africa,
You are all invited to join us celebrate the 3. Edition of the Diaspora festival in Tubingen, this festival portrays the authentic aspects of the African culture and seeks to celebrate humanity. This special edition announces the dawn of a new generation of active Africans in the Diaspora, reason why this edition is dedicated to all the Diaspora in Africa and the world. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Tubingen. Following our roadmap, we are happy to announce that the basic milestones have been accomplished- conception & planning. Now is time to implement, while we prepare this face, we are asking you to keep a close eye on our newsletters, you can also log into our homepage and click on News for the latest development of this great event, meanwhile here are the relevant facts and information. Be ready for this great events – don't miss, don't be told, be there!


Experience the African art of hospitality
Market days & time

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Welcome to our colorful and creative market with more than 100 exhibitors selling and presenting articles from all works of arts and culture, decorations, gifts, textile and articles that will suit all your desires, for outdoor as well as for indoor purposes.  Our market is opened to all participants and visitors. Products vary from country to country as well as taste at an affordable price –quality relationship. 80% of the products are made in Africa from little farmers and sold through huge organizations at a very low cost, so as to promote the small and medium size household businesses. At every stall you'll meet friendly and welcoming exhibitors ready to advice you on your needs and choices of articles as well as small talk. Visit our market and make a surprise gift to a friend or just beautify your house with colors and spice it up with exotic flairs. Your purchase will help the sellers to support education for their families back at home

Openings hours and days:

The special characteristic about our markets is that you can handle or bargain for a price but this may vary from shop and products. Market time Thursday to Sunday from 10 till 11pm and Sunday till 6pm.

Business days:

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It's time to partnership with Africa! Don't miss this great opportunity for your company to explore the unendless possibilities in doing business in Africa as a whole and particularly in Ghana. Our guest speakers are professionals in the business & socia
l world, ready to answer all questions regarding business ethics, to cultural taboos etc about Africa.
Our business days are Thursdays / Friday, from 3pm till 6pm at the African Festival Business Lounge.
Apart from attending our Business & Social forum, you can also rent a stall at our business village for your company, fill out the registration form on our homepage or send us an E-Mail
For International visitors, we can help with issues like hotel reservation etc.
Ghana Special – Exclusively on Saturday, don't miss, be there!

Culture & Sport:  Thursday till Sunday from 13:00

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Our cultural activities range from live performances from bands with great artist from Africa and the world.  Music varies from Rock& Roll, Hip-Hop, soukouss – Mbalax, Bitkutsi, Makossa etc, to traditional dances from Ghana, Kamerun, Senegal etc. Don't miss our street arts road shows with talented artistic works of creativity. You can also be a street actor; all you need to do is send us an E-Mail with your works and performances.
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Djembe special:  Fridays- Sunday 14:00, 16:00, 18:00

Drumming for Humanity, anybody is free to catch a drum for the next shop and experience the power of drum healing. Release your workload and a perfect cure for stress, loneliness and altitude, a breakthrough of societal loneliness and stress. For more information on the performing bands- visit our homepage…
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AFRICACTIV FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT, on Saturday, the 11 of August 2012, starting from 10am till about 5pm.  
It's all about get together for humanity! Registration is currently going on, visit our homepage and be part of this great event.

Children and Youth days:

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A Special corner is beautifully decorated and dedicated to all the children of the world. A special care service with professionals in the field of child care and pedagogy is sorted for. Here children play and have fun but also learn the cultural ethics of Africa such as storytelling, body paintings, drumming and dancing and many more. It is a whole paradise of games and activities for our children, the future of tomorrow.

Church & world day: Sunday form 11am till 12:45pm, with guest pastors and Gospel choirs and great Gospel singers from all denomination, irrespective of your believe or non believe, be our special guest to our worship hours and experience the power of Love for humanity.
Our World day, Sunday starts after church service with many associations representing till the official closing of the open-air festival at about 6pm to get visitors ready for the Gala night special starting at 7pm at a special location.

Wein & Dine with us! Sunday at the Business Lounge: 13:30

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This year's festival opens doors to Africa's chefs! Experience the great taste of slow and healthy Africa's rich and tasty kitchen. Don't miss a symposium on Africa's rich with three Chefs presenting food, spices and vegetables from their region of origin.

FESTIVAL SPECIAL: only with tickets!

Black & white disco-night: Saturday, 11. 08. 2012 – 23am till dawn
GREAT EVENT FOR GREAT PEOPLE, it's time for AFRICA…lets Rock the party!
  • Book a VIP table with special service
  • Be a private supporter, a shuttle bus service from Festival to disco night location is planned!
Be a private supporter and enjoy! Talk to us and find us about the benefits of being a private supporter.

Charity gala-night –Benefiz-Gala Abend

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Sunday 12. August 2012 as from 7pm at Sparkasse Carré Tübingen
Dr. Ibou & Layori + Fingerfood Buffet and many others, be an African celebrity!
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Be a private supporter and enjoy! Talk to us and find us about the benefits of being a private supporter.
ticketsAvailable at: +49174-2125019 or E-Mail: enie.muyang@yahoo.de


Location & Address: Festplatz Tübingen, near Paul Horn arena and Freibad,
Europastr. 72072 Tübingen
Info point: Lounge / Shop
African Festival VIP Lounge: 150 capacity relaxations, lounge music, coffee and chilling
African Festival Popular side Lounge: 1500 visitors – rainy or sunny we celebrate
African Festival Souvenir Shop: Memories of your visit at our Festival and make a gift.
Message Box: Our dream is to give you the best of the Africa's authentic moments, so your opinion counts, not what went right but most of all what went wrong! Help us to be of service to you.
On spot camping for free: We offer free of charge a camping area on the Festival for you cell, please register as soon as possible.
On spot photos available: Take a photo on spot, visit us and enjoy!
African Festival Hostess service: You are visiting for the first! Please send us your information, on request you get accompanied by our Festival hostesses, who'll show you around. State your name & company, organization, day and time of arrival etc. We do also provide a car service – rent / pick or drop you from hotel to festival and Airport, at your cost, please contact us for more details. We look forward to welcoming you.
This festival is supported by:
Enie Muyang Tatah- Founder & CEO

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